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BBQ grill and shabu hot pot

1, non-stick – baked in the oven without adhesion.
2, High temperature resistance- good product strength at higher temperatures.
3, Low friction coefficient – easy to release.
4, Not leaching – the coating does not absorb oil and water.

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BBQ grill and shabu hot pot

BBQ grill Features:

1 super hard character. the blade can directly contact, surface abrasion resistance, acid and alkali, and easy to clean;
2 The color is gray, with anti radiation and heat absorption characteristics, can shorten the baking time and save energy costs;
3 alloy material, high strength is not easy to deformation, can ensure the stability of product quality.
4 smokeless.

BBQ grill characteristic analysis:

This product is made of aluminum alloy, with a special hard tooling into dura mater of pizza pan, with good sanitation, cost savings, improve efficiency, strong and durable.
Operation Instruction:
1. Connect electricity power and open the machine
   a. Before working, please check the contact between plug and socket;
   b.draw out the water tank before using and add 1/2 water, then make the water tank back.
   c.open the electricity power switch, the bbq grill start work;
   d.After using, shut off the power in time.
2.Fire control
   a.Before baking food, turn the switch button to the maximum position, when the heater automatically open and close, indicating that temperature has reached the best baking temperature;
   b.The stove is hot, please do not use hand touch directly during use and after use.
   c.Because the roast stove is made of toughened glass material, so when you use the handle with care.

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