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The filling machine can be used lubricating oil, edible oil and other liquid,Such as milk,water,etc.

Fully automatic cup filling and sealing machine adopts a new design and technology, small size, high degree of automation, stable function.

Working process: automatic filling, automatic sealing cup, automatic roll film, automatic shift, automatic cup, and infrared monitoring of each process to achieve a reliable full automatic operation.

Practical application of neutrality that saves a labor cost, not only quickly improve the product output and speed, but also the quality of stability, filling quantity standard, greatly reduce the cost of products.

The product is suitable for: fast food chain, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, school canteen, food processing plants, etc.

It can be adapted to 100-176mm packaging film width, different products can replace the die according to the (according to the need of product customization) to expand the scope of use, greatly improve the applicability of the machine.

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