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Cherry Jam Packaging Line

The Cherry Jam Packaging Line contains Bottle Arranging Machine, Jam Filling Machine, Automatic Steam Cap Screwing Machine, Automatic Labeling Machine, Ink-jet Printing Machine and Heat Shrinkable Packaging Machine.

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1. Bottle Arranging Machine

Voltage: 220v±10%, 50Hz        Power: 0.15kw  

Capacity: 50-100 bottles /min     Bottle size: Ф25-Ф45  

Dimension: 650×1000×1200mm   Weight: 50kg  

Cherry Jam Packaging Line

Mainly used for glass bottles, or plastic bottles arranging, working with production line, also can be used in chemical industry, light food industry plastic bottles, glass bottles filling production line. 

As long as the bottle is placed on the turntable, the power supply is started, the bottle can be automatically entered into the bottle, and the bottle feeding speed can be adjusted.

2. Jam Filling Machine

Filling Speed: 40-60 bottles /min

Filling accuracy: ±1.5%     Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz   Bottle type: 200-1000ml   

Electric current; 3A Power: 500W

Cherry Jam Packaging Line

This filling machine is with 10 filling heads, widely used in the sauce production and packing industry. The machine is compact and reasonable in design, simple and beautiful in appearance, easy to adjust filling quantity. Professional for jam sauce, sauce filling process is easy to appear the phenomenon of oil separation, the filling line with ten simultaneous injection filling head, can be evenly extruded into the container, whole made of stainless steel, easy to clean. Uses Korea eye device, the German Siemens PLC and electrical components, continuous automatic operation of filling, no bottle no filling, configuration leak proof device.

Application: Suitable for cream and jam sauce, spicy sauce, spicy sauce, soy sauce and soy bean sauce, seafood sauce, olive vegetable etc..

3. Automatic Steam Cap Screwing Machine

Capacity: 80-200            Suitable bottle dia.: 38-100

Suitable bottle height: 60-240  Cap dia.: 27-89

Drive motor power: 1.5Kw

Cap supply motor power: 250W

Dimension: 2350×1450×2150 mm

Cherry Jam Packaging Line

Adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, steam jet exhaust and mechanical capping mechanism. Fully functional, high automation degree. Applicable to all kinds of condiments, pickles, fermented bean curd, fruit juice, jam and other products vacuum sealing. Whole body is made of high quality stainless steel, Color touch screen man-machine dialogue, programming logic control (PLC) high precision automatic control

4. Automatic Labeling Machine

Bottle OD: Φ12-Φ100mm; height: 30-200mm

Label height: 15-100mm; length: 20-300mm

Capacity: 100-150 bottle/min      Power: 220V / 180W

Dimension: 1600*1100*1300mm   Weight: 200Kg

Cherry Jam Packaging Line

Vertical labeling machine uses adhesive reel label paper, labeling way using the roll stick, equipped with automatic bottle feeding and bottle collecting device, one time completing bottles putting, labeling and bottles collecting procedures, can also be equipped with printer synchronously finish label printing, the machine adopts computer optical fiber control, synchronous tracking, mark is controlled by mutual inductance stepping motor, to ensure the same speed. Is a modern mechanical and electrical integration products, with excellent and reliable performance. Self-adhesive labeling machine is with clean surface, non moldy, beautiful, firm, will not fall off, the advantages of high production efficiency.

5. Ink-jet Printing Machine

Dimension: 370×260×550mm     Weight: 30kg 

Typeface widening: can be widened to 9 times 

Power: 220V /Hz 100VA         Printing line: 1-3 lines

Stored data: 21 printing information 

Printing speed: 1400 characters /(5×7) 

Printing distance: max 30mm between printing head with material 

Environment temperature: 5-45℃

Environment humidity: less than 90%


Cherry Jam Packaging Line

6. Heat Shrinkable Packaging Machine

Voltage: 380V/50-60Hz/3phase          

Power: 9.5kW

Max package: 320(L)*150(W)*200(H)mm

Max speed: 20 packages /min 

Film type: PE heat shrinkage film

Max film: 400mmW*280mmOD  

Furnace size: 1200mm(L)

furnace mouth: 450(W)*220(H)mm

Conveyor speed: 40m/min, adjustable 

Conveyor: Teflon mesh belt

Platform height: 850-900mm

Air pressure: ≤0.5MPa(5 bar)

PLC: Siemens S7

Sealing cutting system: Constant temperature heating system, easy to replace the knife, seal cut without smoke without odor 

Operation interface: Eview text panel screen

Main material: stainless steel 

Weight: 650kg



Cherry Jam Packaging Line



Full automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine with the use of superposition sleeve type sealing, and constant temperature heating technology, the performance of the machine is stable, can achieve the perfect contraction effect. The sealing device of the equipment is made up of the latest and best quality aluminum alloy material. The touch screen control system is easy to operate and save time and effort. Can achieve a clear and perfect contraction effect.

Application: can be used for a variety of medical articles, stationery, cosmetics multi row multi-layer automatic shrink packaging. In addition to the stand-alone equipment working, this machine also can be used with automatic boxed machine to achieve good packaging results.

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