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Chicken feet machine

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Chinken feet machine line

01.automatic continuously chicken feet scalding machine

1.working ability: 800-1000 kg/h

2.Scalding time:40-60 seconds ( adjustable )

3.Effective scalding length:2000 mm

4.Scalding temperature: 60℃~70℃

5.Maximum pressure of the fan machine: 18 kpa

6.Working voltage: 380V

7.Electrical frequency: 50 HZ

8.Water consumption: 7-8T/day

02.  Automatic continuously chicken feet peeling machine

1.Working ability: 800-1000 kg/h

2.Chicken feet skin peeling time: 30-45 seconds ( the size and quantity of
the chicken feet will influent the time)

3.Effective skin peeling length: 3000 mm

4.Working voltage: 380V

5.Electrical frequency: 50HZ

6.Water consumption: 7-8T/day

03. Chicken feet pre cooling machine

1.Working ability:800-1000 kg/h

2.Pre-cooling time: > 15 min ( adjustable)

3.Effective pre-cooling length: 3000 mm

4.Cooling water temperature: 0-4 ℃

5.Maximum flow of fan machine: 130 m3/h

6.Maximum pressure of the fan machine: 18 kpa

7.Working voltage: 380V

8.Electrical frequency: 50HZ

9.Water consumption: 7-8 T/h

04. Chicken feet belt conveyor

Belt width: 300 mm, length: 3m

Stainless stees made machine frame and the machine feet

Stainless steel made drum and plate

Stainless steel made tension equipment

Food level transmission belt, with baffles at both sides

Manually mechanical speed adjustable motor

05.Belt conveyor with working table

6.Water removing machine

The video of chicken feet machine-Whole line

working video of chicken feet cutting machine 

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