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Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine

Capacity: 2000 pcs/h
Size: 900*700*750 mm
Power: 1.1 kw
Weight: 200 kg
Material :Stainless steel #304

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Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine



This machine is used for chicken gizzard peeling work. The motor drives the spiral gizzard stripping roller, making it achieve relatively rotate, thereby,to achieve the gizzards peeling requirements.

1.This series of equipment specialized in chicken, duck, goose, used to peel gizzard.

2.Through the motor turnning the special-shaped cutter, to trip gizzard, the effect is good, high out put

3.It adopts stainless steel material . Reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance.



1.This series of equipment specialized in poultry gizzard work, through the motor turns the special-shaped cutter strip gizzard, peel's gizzard effect is good, high work efficiency.

2.This series of equipment is made of stainless steel materials. Suitable for small, the large-scale slaughter plant batch stripping gizzard.

3.This series of equipment design is reasonable, compact structure, stable performance, convenient and efficient.

4.Customers can choose different models according to the demand of gizzard machines.


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