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Chicken plucker machine

Chicken plucker machine
1.Heavy duty commercial grade professional poultry plucker
2.Stainless steel tube/rotating drum and housing
3.Featehr & water discharge & water tap, easy clean up
4.ON/OFF switch control pillar, to prevent of electric shock
5.3 Sheets covered the motor to avoid water into it
6.4 Rubber legs free standing
7.Ultra soft plucking fingers (Yellow or Blacke)

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1. Scald the poultry after slaughtered by hot water of 65-80 degree.
2. Then turn on the machine,put the scalded poultry into the machine(ginger,potato 
and fish can put into directly).
3. After 10 seconds working,turn on the tap,and wash away the removed feather, 
then take out thepoultry.
4. The whole process of process chicken is about half minute.

Question: Will this work for cleaning many ducks and geese for hunters?
Answer: So far I have only done chickens and turkeys. The turkeys were 18 lbs each and with the head and feet removed only a few wing feathers were left , which were easily removed. I used the same hot then cold water dunk that I used for the chickens for forty seconds. I also did 1 bird at a time. So while I haven’t done ducks or geese the turkeys went extremely well. 

Question: How many hp motor?
Answer: I’m not sure, but a large size chicken wouldn’t need more than 30 seconds in this plucker! 

Question: What are the shipping dimensions of this item( box it is shipped in ) ?
Answer: 26 x 26 x 40 inches. It was packaged well from the factory…. Surrounded in foam. 
Question: I have two turkeys that are about 30 pounds will the machine be able to handle that?
Answer: No probably to big. 
Yes, I have used mine to do chickens, geese, duck, turkey and quail. 
By  Customer on October 26, 2016
This year we put through 4 turkeys, our heaviest was 17lbs. Even with the smaller turkeys it was only really only about 70% effective. The birds were too large to go around smoothly. Often the legs got tangled in the rubber fingers and stopped the plucking process. Having said that, we were easily able to pluck the rem… 
By David Turner on October 26, 2016
I believe it will do fine. You will be happy with the results.

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