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Crumbs Making Machine Production Line

European-style bread crumbs
Japanese-style bread crumbs
Puffing crumbs

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Crumbs Making Machine Production Line

crumbs making machine



crumbs making machine production line flow chart:



Flour Mixer→Screw Feeder→Bulking Machine→Cut-off Machine→Elevator

→Crumbs Powder Machine→Elevator→Dryer→Vibrating Screen


Bread Crumbs is the common wrapping layer for fried food, can make the food more delicious, and lower nutrient element lost.

Bread Crumbs can be divided into three types: European-style bread crumbs, Japanese-style bread crumbs and Puffing crumbs.

crumbs making machinecrumbs making machine

                 Video of crumbs making machine



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