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Egg shelling machine

Egg shelling machine

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Introduction of quail egg shelling machine/egg sheller:
The quail egg
shelling machine/egg sheller is used for peeling egg or quail eggs,which is made
from full 304 stainless steel,easy to operate and good performance.

of quail egg shelling machine/egg sheller:

1.Fastly clean eggs, shell
separation, improve efficiency, reduce labor costs.

2 Will not damage the egg
surface,high efficiency and low breakage.

3 Design lightweight,easy to
move,beautiful and durable.

4 Stainless steel,easy operation,low

5.Energy saving,long life,low maintenance,cost-effective.

 egg peeler


1.Boil the water, adding cold water, stir it and pour eggs, stir
for about 1 minute immediately,and cook until the water is boiling again, stop
the fire after about 10-15 minutes, take out the bad eggs which is floating on

2.After the ceasefire,take out the eggs, soaked in water to cool for
about 5 minutes then crushed shells.

(Suggested to use broken shell

3.Soak the crushed eggs into cold water for about 15 minutes,then
it  can start peeling.

4.Power and water on, control water flow (flow rate
determines the egg output speed)

5.Put the cooled egg into egg box for
shelling operation.

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