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Egg tart machine

Egg tart machine
Air pressure:0.4-0.5mpa
Working speed:20-32r/min
Machine size :700*683*1450mm
Machine weight:120kg

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Introduction of egg tart machine:
1) PLC procedure control system ,
productivity can be 1500-1800pcs/h.

2)  Suitable for mass production,save
manpower, lower the cost.

3) Easy operation ,suitable for the safe

4) It is easy to change mould,and also can customize the
mould.products can be automatically baiting,quick forming .


Feature of egg tart machine:

1. Designed by professional pneumatic power
which can ensure egg tart skin uniform.

2. Available different molds to
satisfy different specifications and shapes.

3.Controlled by
microelectronics, Desk stand product, it can be operated easily,accurately,

4.Easy to replace the mold produce any products needing forming such
as traditional egg tart,

Portuguese egg tart,moon cake,pineapple cake,sun
cake and so on.

5.Excellent performance. Easy to clean and maintenance. A
good money making helper with low cost  and convenience. 

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