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electric samosa maker


 samosa machine is used for making dumpling, samosa, spring roll pastry, empanada, wonton, ravioli, fried dumpling, round pelmeni, square dumpling just b changing the machine head, the stuffing can be meat filling, meat dishes mixed filling, vegetable stuffing.




     The samosa machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants, school canteen, factory canteen, kindergartens, quick-frozen dumplings manufacturers, dining hall and so on.


Features of samosa machine :


1. The samosa machine is suitable for all kinds of dumpling stuffing, such as meat filling , meat dishes mixed filling, whole turnip filling.


2. Dumpling shape is beautiful. Products can be boiled, steamed, fried and processed into frozen food.


3. Attractive apperance, small and exquisite, easy to operate.( one person can do it).


4. Multi-function, can make many kinds of dumplings, samosa, spring roll, fried dumplings, wonton etc just by changing the forming mould.


5. Save energy, save labor, save time and long service life.



Advantages of the samosa machine:



1, The thickness of the wrappers and stuffing quantity can be changed as required, so can make diversified food.


2, Using PTFE Anti-Cohesion Technology. Small resistance, good shape.


3, Stainless steel material, easy to clean.


4. Suitable for a variety of control: the made dumplings can be Steamed, boiled, Fried, decocted. It is especially tasty when Spring roll and Samosa are fried with kari bo. Most importantly, all these foods are suitable for quick-freezing/ storing and heating in microwave oven.


5. The size is same. It is easily adjusted about the crust thickness ,the filling quantity and the speed of making dumplings. You can operate it freely within five minutes whether you are experienced or not. The machine can be operated by one or two persons.


6. The machine can be easily moved and take a little place up because of the small size . The main parts are all made of stainless steel and they are elegant and conform to the national food and health standard.


7. The dumpling transporting part is special anti-cohesion. Low resistance and good forming. It is easily taken apart and washed.


8. The machine can make dumplings of any filling ,including meat filling/vegetable filling/meat and vegetable filling, ect. It can be operated at any place.


9. Work efficiency is high. One machine equals to 8-12 people. Low investment,high income and save money and time.

electric samosa maker

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