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Garlic peeling machine

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This machine with high efficiency can peel the garlic without soaking.The peeled garlic can be kept whole, fresh and untaminated because this machine is designed with special theory and technique.The machine adopts pneumatic principle,it can remove automatically the shell of the garlic.

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Main features of garlic skin peeler 1.Adopts the special peeling principle, skins of garlic clove can be removed without the cutter blade and the friction. So it can keep the garlic clove complete, fresh and clean. 2.The peeling machine can finish the drying and peeling at one time. It is practical, electricity-saving, high efficiency and easy to operate and clean. 3.It is equipped with automatic control device and automatic feeding device. The skins and the garlic clove can separate automatically without any damage.

garlic pelling machine

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