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Garlic separator

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Garlic Separater

Function It is a garlic peeling machine in drying way of high efficiency (garlic don’t need to be soaked in the water). The machine adopts advanced air compressing technology to peel off garlic which could prevent garlic cloves from damage and increase the peeling rate.

Features :

♦ Adopt special peeling skin technology, during the peeling, garlic clove could be removed without cutter blade and friction to keep the garlic clove complete , smooth and clean.

♦ The machine is practical, electric saving, high production efficiency, easy to repair and clean.

♦ It is equipped with automatic control and automatic feeding device, could separate the garlic clove skin from garlic clove automatically and without damage. What Features of our garlic separate machine? The peeling disc machine using high-standard pure rubber soft roller in imitation of a manual action, make the ball to reach the effect of stripping, garlic and exclusive development of adjustable, can adjust the size of the roller clearance, simple operation, garlic ball size all can use, and the same is not easy to damage, stripping rate above 98%.The builtin fan, running errands, garlic stem, garlic cloves automatic separation, easy to operate, can be used alone one person.There are practical,save electricity, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate, etc.

  garlic peeling machine

What Specifications of our garlic separate machine?

Model Output Power Dimention Weight
FM-MD400 400KG/H 0.75KW/380V 690*710*1050MM 100KG
FM-MD800 800KG/H 2.2KW/380V 985*835*1420MM 280KG
Model Output Power Dimention Weight
FM-1000 1500-2000kg/h 1.5kw/220V or 380V 1500*900*1000mm 260kg

What Applications of our garlic separate machine?

Working Principle: Using the gap of gel plates and the centrifugal force to squeeze the garlic to be individual clove.

Garlic cloves come from one side of the machine while garlic stem and skin the other side.

Using food-grade silicone and it’s healthy and safe.

High separating rate with low damage rate.

Easy to operate and maintain.

Suitable for different species and size of the garlic.

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