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High quality samosa making machine


High quality samosa making machine

Samosa making machinery is suitable for production of multiple snacks with handmade taste.It is widely used to produce dumpling, soup dumpling,steam dumpling, momo, samosa, ravioli, empanada, kachori, litti,etc.

Main Features:

1) This samosa machine have a ice water cooling cycle compressor, so that production have handmade taste.

2) One machine have multipurpose as along as mold replacement, you can produce many kind of dumpling products.

3) The tool made of stainless steel 304 so it is easy washing, maintain simple and sanitation

4) Use computer board to control the machine, you can change the speed of machine as your requirement.

5) Filling out, the skin and molding have independent control so that it is not mutually contained.

6) It can prolong the fixture of service life with automatic lubrication, using UPE material and can rise, so they make procution more stable

High quality samosa making machine

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