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how to clean samosa machine


how to clean samosa machine

We need to check the various of fasteners,if we find looseness,please tighten them. When adding water and flour, do not exceed the volume cylinder to prevent the machine from overdrive. After the machine is used, it should be cleaned in time to keep it clean to prevent the breeding of bacteria and affect health. It is also convenient for better use next time.

When cleaning the dumpling machine/samosa machine, try to clean the inner wall as much as possible, and do not use water pipes for spray washing to prevent certain parts of the machine from responding insensitively due to prolonged humidity, which affects its working efficiency. The gear meshing area of this machine should be maintained frequently with lubricating oil, and it should be added once every half month as much as possible, in order to make the equipment run more smoothly.


The actual production process, if you find that the filling quantity is lacking, the filling is interrupted , you should close the dumpling machine immediately , take out the filling auger, and check thatwhether there are large f large piece of dough blocking the pump.


If you find a continuous crack in the dumplings during work, it means there are sundries in the noodles, maybe there is residual waste in the previous cleaning, such as wheat kernels,flour, etc., the dumpling machine should be closed in time to stop the filling and Just remove the foreign object. If you find that the dumplings/samosa are sticking to the mold, you should check whether the dry flour is sufficient and uniform.


When cleaning the samosa machine head, you must pay attention to it. Do not use hardware such as metal balls to wipe it. Otherwise, there will be scratches at the exit, and the surface of the dumplings will be smooth and scratched. When cleaning the machine, you also need to pay attention that there must be no dry flour left in the machine, otherwise the skin will be broken when making dumplings/samosa.

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