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Ice block making machine

Ice block making machine
kinds of flavors
water-flow motor system
freezing speed increases twice

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Ice block making machine


1.Body material used PC plastic, and pan used stainless steel, knife rest used aluminum, is durable, health

2. novel design, superior performance, luxury and graceful appearance

3. Suitable for the hotel, bar, leisure coffee restaurant to make cool, refreshing and delicious ice drink

The features of the ice block machine:

1. With the new dual water-flow motor system, the freezing speed increases twice.

2. Within about 4 and half hours you can taste the cotton/snow like snow ice.

3. Available for all kinds of flavors, more choices than ever before.

4. Auto-thermo system, energy saving.

5. Put syrup or different fruits to make your ice looks better and more tasty.

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