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Lip smacking Samosa Everytime & Everyday


In a world of tasty street snacks, samosas spontaneously won the hearts of many cooks, including the great Gordon Ramsay, and have remained people's favorite appetizer for many countless reasons. They are delicious, yummy-puffy pastry, aren't too oily and fried to perfection. 

Yes ,we have some recipe,if  you need ,you can contact us for theses amosa recipes.


And yes, the crust of samosa is SO good. For many restaurants, a Samosa is a beautiful addition to their menu, and if you are planning to start your food chain, you've got to think about the supply.

They also filling in the dough by grean peas,potatoes,even chicken and other food,then fry it.

but is you filling in the samosa by chicken,please fry it in advance,becasue the chicken is difficult to cook in the dough.

Ever wondered how big restaurants keep up with their samosa's demand? They invest in machinery that does the hard work for them.

Yep, you’re reading this correctly!They filling samosas easy,no matter what,green peas,potatoes,in india,they get a new  nuclear weapon .They knead dough full-automatically,filling the potatoes,green beans,all make easy by Automatic samosa machine,then just fry.

Of courese,the recipes of samosas  just not potato,not green peas,not dough,and not water that you learned.

 FUMU Samosa Machine is a highly-recommended piece of equipment to produce samosa in precise texture. The unique facet of our samosa machine lies in the capability to maintain consistent quality, which makes it a perfect choice for bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, and food companies. 

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