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Macaroni Making Machine

1. Low energy consumption
2. High efficiency
3. Different kinds of molds available
4. Compact structure and easy operation

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Macaroni Making Machine

The macaroni making machine mainly use flour, starch as the raw material, through different kinds of extrusion molds to make different pasta products, such as shells shape crisp, tremella shape crisp, pentagon shape crisp, cat ear shape crisp, macaroni, crust of cooked rice, chromium winding noodle etc.

The raw material also can be mixed with vegetable juice to produce different flour and color pasta. It is suitable for bakery, restaurant, snack and food processing plant, very popular in the market.

 Macaroni Making MachineMacaroni Making MachineMacaroni Making MachineMacaroni Making MachineMacaroni Making Machine

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