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Peanut vertile roaster

Peanut vertile roaster Performance characteristics:
1 stainless steel body structure, beautiful shape, durable, both suitable for store use, but also suitable for mobile sales.
2 unique roller horizontal design, uniform heating, good sealing, small noise, easy to move.
3 temperature controlled, large output, low cost, high efficiency.
4 electric heating or gas heating two ways, save time and effort, green environmental protection, cost savings.

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Peanut vertile roaster

This versatile roaster uses the high quality stainless steel processing, luxurious appearance, elegant appearance, clean and sanitary, is currently the most ideal roasted equipment, there are 25 main types, type 50, type 100 and type four models, can use electric heating or gas as a heating source, also can be customized according to customer requirements. Suitable for frying various nuts, peanuts, chestnut, melon seeds, pine nuts and other foods. The roasted machine work does not stop rotating drum, the roasted food and so on, before and after the all-around stir, not stick pan fried fried cargo phenomenon, make food with the color red and bright, fragrant. The machine is easy to move, suitable for various forms of use, suitable for supermarkets, shopping malls, walking streets, schools and other operations, products throughout the country enjoy a certain reputation, is a good helper for your wealth management.

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