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pigeon peas sheller

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Pigeon peas sheller

sheller Brief introduction:
Brief introduction: Material: main components of the machine platform and contact the beans are adopt the real stainless steel (standard stainless steel, not the so-called stainless iron) and bracket are made of galvanized anti-rust treatment (usually someone called this process stainless iron). Peeling beans and vibration by independent motor.

Pigeon peas sheller working principle

  • 1Pigeon peas sheller basic principle of edamame sheller is through 2 shaft extrusion finished off process. In other conditions under the condition of same axis is thin, broken rate is lower. Use roller to press edamame, for example, broken rate as you can imagine. Out with chopsticks, the broken rate is extremely low. The diameter of the shaft is one of the key factors edamame machine. Optimal characteristics: 1, stripped edamame inside there will be a small amount of leakage situation, so we design a special sieve edamame meters. Sieve Angle can be adjusted, automatically collect function, two distributary mouth, the mouth can be automatically closed. To use special convenient and comfortable.
  • Professional equipped with impurity grooves. Summer hair string beans, easy to have impurities, especially the beans impurities after the rain is very big, the general machine impurities flow into the bean rice, dowa edamame sheller professional brand design of the diversion trench, let the impurities have professional place to rice and beans.
  •  Equipped with professional cleaning brush with speed ratio, this device to ensure the machine off parts specially cleaning, turn off axis cleaning brush is 1 times a week, is cleaning brush brush roll) (the same speed. This is to ensure that the premise of machine work smoothly for a long time.

Ratio: according to different levels, bean beans full season of varieties, bean, stripping out beans rice weight is different, but FUMU brand edamame sheller /pigeon peas strip off the beans rice and manual peel out the weight of consistent, actual production, can test on the spot. Believe in FUMU, progress has been leading in the industry.

FM-150 pigeon peas sheller

FM-100 pigeon peas sheller

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