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Popsicle machine

Attractive appearance
Easy to operate
304 stainless steel

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Popsicle machine

Brief introduction:

Ice cream machine adopts high quality stainless steel materials and imported compressor,with

quick and good refrigeration effect, you can choose different molds to make different Popsicle.There is the regulator in the front face of the machine,can adjust the temperature automatically.It is very easy to operate,popular for store,school,home use and so on. Low cost and higher profits

Popsicle machinePopsicle machinePopsicle machinePopsicle machine.


1.Attractive appearance, easy to operate.

2.Brine tank are made of 304 stainless steel. Difficult to corrosion.

3.The cooling speed, extent of use of polyurethane foam sealing machine, salinity is not easy to evaporate.

4.Different molds to choose,can make different shapes and flavors of ice cream.

5.More than one color and flavor, can be used to make a variety of different flavors material Popsicle.

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