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FM-M Rice noodle making machine

Rice noodle making machine

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Rice noodle making machine

This machine is multifunctional, could produce the rice, and other amylum
noodles, such as sweat potato, corn, horse bean.

1. rice noodle making machine can make rice cake, rice noodles, and rice
vermicelli. It is a multi-purpose machine.

2.The biggest feature of this rice noodles machine is the rice without
crushing and cooking, and it can produce rice noodles use this machine

3.This new self-cooked cake molding machine has a one-time mature, simple
operation, convenience, health and other characteristics, only one person can

4.The machine is with small size, low cost, high-yielding. Processed out of
rice cakes, crystal, delicate tastes good, can also produce noodles, rice
noodles, cakes , is a ideal helper to rich people business.

5 Automation, the process of heating, forming, cooling etc all process can
be finished by this one machine.

6. High yield, per kilogram of rice can produce 2.3-2.8kg fresh rice
noodles or 0.92kg of dry rice noodles.

7. Is the latest equipment, it uses a twin-screw, automatically adjust the
cutting, and cutting effect is uniform.

8. It has changed disadvantage of the models in the past aging well, the
product does not gloss, vermicelli and grains pasta, the appearance of symmetry,
bend, good gloss, long cooking muddy soup, silky taste, chewy, and high


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