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samosa machine for sale in south africa


samosa machine for sale in south africa

1. The thickness of the wrapper and the filling amount can be adjusted according to actual needs

2. The dumplings can be steamed, boiled, fried and fried. Spring rolls and fried with samosa and curry are especially delicious.

3. The operation is simple, time-saving and labor-saving; the manufacturing speed is high, and the production capacity is greatly improved

4. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with perfect design, taking into account both the advantages of hygiene and beauty.

5. The structure is exquisite; the floor area is small; the disassembly and assembly are easy, and the cleaning is simple and convenient.

samosa machine for sale in south africa



















  • Structure and principle

The working part of the automatic samosa machine is mainly composed of three parts: the shaft conveying surface, the filling and forming. When working, the surface is added into the dough bucket and pushed through the auger (transport surface auger) to the outlet to form a hollow surface tube. At the same time, the filling is pushed into the surface tube by a two-stage variable vane pump, and then rolled by a molding die.

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