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samosa machine

samosa making machine price

samosa making machine price

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Fully samosa making machine for hotels, restaurants, groups canteen processing, kindergarten, samosa making machine production,canteens, schools, troops.

All kinds of meat, meat stuffing, mixed with vegetable stuffing and other kinds of the dumplings, can be used for steaming, boiling, frying and frozen food processing.samosa machine



















    The samosa making machine price is used to produce dumplings, Samosa, spring roll, wonton, empanada through changing the machine head.

  •  The samosa wrapper thickness and dumpling stuff both can be adjusted.
  •  The contact surface between machine and dumpling & Samosa all adapt stainless steel material and non-stick surface, reach the hygiene standard.
  •  The samosa machine has characteristics of anti-caking samosa, low resistance, easy cleaning, etc. 5. Long service life dumpling machine.

  samosa making machine price?

















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