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Seeds Screen Machine

Seeds Screen Machine

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Seeds Screen Machine

1.Seeds Screen Machine is small and medium-sized grain sorting machine, used to remove grain leaves, chaff, dust and debris and other debris.

2.The invention has the advantages of 90% in the rate of removing impurities and 92% of the inorganic impurities, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient movement, obvious dust removing and miscellaneous efficiency, low energy consumption and easy reliable use. Requires any exchange, apply to different materials varieties.

 Seeds Screen Machine Features
1. The selection screen is a two-layer screen, first through the feed inlet fan, direct pumping away the light weight of miscellaneous leaves or wheat straw, the first screening of the upper screen and then large miscellaneous cleared, good food (seeds) Directly into the lower screen, the lower screen will grain (seed) in the small miscellaneous. False grain (seed) directly missed, intact grain (seed) will be out from the outlet screen out.

2. The small-sized grain machine can solve the problem that the function of the lifting machine is single and can not effectively remove the stones, and the defects of the clods can bring satisfactory results for the cleaning and net selection of the grain (seeds).

3.Seeds Screen Machine has an area of small, easy to move, then to maintenance, dust removal impurity efficiency, low energy consumption, easy to use, etc.

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