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Spring Roll Sheet Machine

Spring Roll Sheet Machine

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Spring Roll Sheet Machine

The Stainless Steel Spring Roll Leaf Production Line is made of stainless
Steel material; it uses flour as raw material, also can add some spice to make
spring roll leaf.

Operation is very easy and has high capacity! It can make round or
rectangular (need Cutting Part) spring roll leaf. If need special diameter, also
can be customized.

Brief Introduction:

Spring Roll Sheet Machine can product square flake food between 0.3-0.8mm
in thickness, such as spring roll wrapper, samosa wrapper, egg sheet , French
pancakes. It is suitable for food factory, restaurant, fast food restaurant


Make the batter according to the batter processing technology, after heated
and baked to be fixed spring roll wrapper and other flake foods.

Spring Roll Sheet Machine process:

Put the batter into the tank, after heated 160°C,start the batter pump
button , the batter will be conveyed to the nozzle. When the batter is ready,
it’ll be separated from the oven wheel, then to be the fixed thickness spring
roll wrapper After being cut by cutter, you can sell or roll up spring

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