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steamed bun making machine

Disc steamed bun making machine
Roller steamed bun making machine

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Roller steamed bun making machine

1.The machine is an automatic food machinery to divide dough into equal
quantity block,each block weighing 50-125 grams.

2. The product of high transmission efficiency, compact structure, easy to
adjust, security, reliable, it possesses the outstanding features including 304
stainless steel body, fine appearance, working stably with low noise,high
efficiency and convenience of moving-around.

3. Clutch as the weight controlling part is more reliable, safer and more
convenient to be maintained and operated.

4.This machine used on making round shape dough, fast forming speed, high
capacity, easy operating and labor saving.

Disc  steamed bun making machine

bun divider and rounder bun making machine

1.This type is the original steamed bread shaping machine , the machine is
suitable for dividing and rounding dough into balls by waterwith wheat flour ,
additives and others food materials.

2.The product of high transmission efficiency, compact structure, easy to
adjust, security, reliable.

3.It is especially suitable for processing flour bread, forming a bun,
smooth appearance, food taste sweet. Widely used in organization, school dining
room, steamed bread processing unit.

4.On the basis of repetitious practice and innovation, our dough divider
rounder is produced adopting the advantages of other domestic like products.It
has won high praise of our customers because the steamed bread shows good color,
tastes delicious with layers.

The machine is widely used for the hotel, restaurant and other catering

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