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Tea dryer

capacity :≥0.5kg/time
Heating power:5.5kw/220v
Heating way :electricity
Motor power:0.75kw/220v
Consumption rate :≤8kw.h/kg

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It adopts high quality electric hot plate to heat, the character is fast heating,uniform heating,good heat preservation, low power consumption. Pull the handle when the tea is ok, tea will discharge to the tea tray. When the tea is ok, adjust the lifting lever to the original location, start the next frying.

Full automatic intelligent oblate tea making machine is tightly controlled by microcomputer, the setting control procedure replaces the manual operation process. The control program can accurately control the amount of tea put into pan, the temperature of the pan, the time of drying , automatic platen press, automatic discharge, automatic cleaning pressure

plate, automatic add tea powder, automatic reset, and automatic alarm when lack of tea, delay even automatic stop when lack of tea, multiple functions such as system self-check and fault prompt. It is an innovation of the frying machine on sale on the market. Users only set the

progress, then can start automatically making the tea. Intelligent automatic oblate tea making machine greatly reduces the labor intensity of farmers, realize the continuous mechanization of frying tea.

One person can operate 5-20 tea machine at the same time, save Labour and solve the problem of lacking of labour in the tea season.

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