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Vermicelli Machine

Vermicelli machine
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 22.5kw

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Vermicelli Machine 

1. Introduction of vermicelli making machine
The large-scale rice noodle machine of our company can produce rice noodle, vermicelli, rice cake and other products, with the advantages of mellow flavor and good delicious.
Raw materials to process vermicelli: rice, corn( priority to choose rice)
Raw materials to process noodle: corn grit(the grit without glutinous)
Raw materials to process rice cake: rice, corn grit, millet, mung bean, etc. (priority to japonica rice)
Shapes of rice cake: oval, round, hot pot rice cakes(steamed corn cake shape)
Shapes of vermicelli: thick, thin, flat, etc.
The processing size of rice noodle can be adjustable, and the output can be customized by customers. 

2. Machine Application of vermicelli making machine
The rice vermicellis machine can take such raw materials as rice flour, wheat flour, corn flour, buckwheat flour, potato flour to process noodles.

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