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where to buy samosa machine in dubai


where to buy samosa machine in dubai

Automatic Samosa Folding Machine Price is applicable to make dumplings, curry puff dumpling,samosa, lace dumpling,spring roll, fried dumplings, yunton, wonton,ravioli by changing the forming mould. The filling of these finished products can be filled with all kinds of meats, vegetables and mixture of meat and vegetable, and these finished products can be boiled, steamed, fried and freezed. The thickness of dough crust and the quantity of filling can be adjusted as customers' real requirements. 

1. Dumpling machine is also called dumpling making machine, dumpling maker, dumpling press, pierogi dumplings machine, dumpling maker machine, samosa dumpling machine, commercial dumpling machine,etc.

2. The automatic samosa dumpling machine use of stainless steel, the perfect design, structure compact, already beautiful and easy, simple operation, more convenient to assemble and disassemble the wrappers, the bao hou, dumpling stuffing the amount of how much all can adjust themselves.

3. This mini dumpling machine is multi-functional. As long as you replace the mold, you can create different shapes, and different sizes of pasta foods. Such as spring rolls, wonton, hot pot dumplings, pearl dumplings, curry corner, lace dumplings, fried dumplings.

where to buy samosa machine in dubai

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