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chicken fillet slicing machine

chicken fillet slicing machine,horizontal cutting, extremely accurate cutting thickness, smooth cut surface of meat;

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high quality meat slicer machine/chicken breast slicing machine/fish fillet cutting machine price 


1. introduction 

1 Horizontal cutting, extremely accurate cutting thickness, smooth cut surface of meat;
2 disposable multi-layer slices, the thinnest 2mm, adjustable thickness;
3 can achieve butterfly-shaped, heart-shaped product cutting;
4 Double-channel operation, high output, and can improve the utilization of raw meat and reduce the production of waste;
5 Select imported stripe belt, easy to clean, support the use in cold environment, high service life;
6 Imported ultra-thin blades, thickness of only 0.4mm, strong toughness, high service life; chicken breast slicer, fresh meat slicer, beef slice cutting machine,
7 Select imported electrical devices, safe, stable and reliable;
8 The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic, which meets the requirements;
9 easy to operate, stable performance, low failure rate.

chicken fillet slicing machine

2. machine application 

It is suitable for the processing of sliced fillets, love chicken steaks, beef slices, snow chicken fillets, boneless chicken fillets, etc.

It can also be used with chicken cutting machine to complete the cutting of chicken strip, which save labor, increase production, increase Yield, reduce scrap.


3. technical parameter

model  ASL-500
Power  1.9kw 
voltage  380v/50Hz
capacity  200-800kg/h
cutting thickness  5-30mm
conveyor belt width  500mm
conveyor belt speed  2-10m/min 
outlet height  4-50mm
weight  300kg 
overall dimension  2020*910*1600mm



chicken fillet slicing machine

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