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Hamburger machine

Hamburger machine
voltage:AC 220V-240V

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Hamburger machine Description:
1.Importing temperature control equipment from
German, making temperature control precise,temperature can adjust as you please.

2.The material of the product is stainless steel and Aluminium alloy,
without or with teflon(two kinds) and side effect, to ensure food safety.

3.Double sides can bake 12 hamburgers at the same time.
4.Equipped with
two aluminum  bread shovel, doing a special treatment on the surface to ensure
the food heat evenly, and use it conveniently.   

5.Cast aluminum heating
plate,doing a special treatment on the surface,to closely integrated heat pipe
and aluminum plate, ensuring the food heat evenly to improve efficiency of the
heat,achieving to save time and energy.

6.Both sides of the machine are
protective stainless steel plate, ensuring safety of the users.

 Hamburger machineHamburger machineHamburger machineHamburger machineHamburger machine

Features of  hamburger making machine
1.The  hamburger making machine for
sale select stainless steel and aluminium alloy

2.Two sides of the  
hamburger making machine for sale add protective stainless steel board to ensure
user’s safety

3.Fitted with High-efficient element , electricity saving and
time saving

Maintenance and Repair:
Suggest that cleaning twice a week ,turn off power
before cleaning,and cleaning after machine cooling (Notice :Can not use sharp
metal touch heater and shovel,in case of damage to the cover.with a damp cloth
to soften the stolen goods.then use dry cloth to wipe clean.must not use strong
detergent banana oil and metal to brushing .)

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