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Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven

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Pizza Oven

We have electric pizza oven and gas pizza oven.

Pizza Oven

   This model of oven can be better than other.stainless steel materials.

1.Efficient, rapid heating: Multi -tube heating tube to form a side to effectively shorten the warm-up time, the normal temperature can be reached baking, oven-level comparison of the ordinary level.


2.Thermal energy distribution: The independent heating elements are located at the top and buttom of the furnace chamber, respectively, which allow the user to fully control the temperture of the furnace chamber, in particular the key areas within the furnace chamber.


3.Aroad perspective window: Double insulated glass composition, easy to clean and easy to replace. Due to the double-layer design, the outer glass can be touched by hand during baking without being burned. Double-layer glass has good insulation properties.


4. Eletrical protectionn switch: Each desk of the furnace is equipped with independent thermo-magnetic protection switch, these switches are installed in a very easy place to contact, allowing users to easily connect/disconnect each layer furnace as needed.


5.Electric heating system: Far infrared radiation heating+super penetration heating, the most effective penetration of baked goods.

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