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Sterilizing Machine

Sterilizing Machine
Water-bath-type Sterilizing Machine

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This has two parts of sterilization and cooling, using the continuous
operation of the chain to drive the raw materials into the trough,
applicable/suitable for the automatic constant pasteurization of pickles, low
temperature meat products, juices, jelly and all kinds of beverages, etc. also
the blanching of vegetables.

Product Features: With hot water as the medium, this machine owns
sterilization tank and cooling tank. Made by stainless steel integrally, it is
characterized by matchless converter control, low noise, stable operation,
flexible adjustment of temperature and time based on your requirements of the
packaging. With compact structure, convenient operation and low failure rate as
its features, it is very suitable for constant sterilizing operation using
boiler steam or boiler hot water.

Application of Water-bath-type Sterilizing Machine : suitable for different
kind of food processing enterprises to pasteurize food and beverages contained
by soft package or glass bottle such as juices, jams, pickled vegetables, boiled
vegetables, wild vegetables, spices and related products. It can also extend the
quality guarantee period and reduce labor intensity.

Equipment Characteristics of Water-bath-type Sterilizing Machine:
Double-tube designing makes it energy-saving and environment-friendly. The
heating system consists of straight-opening steam pipe and disc-type steam
heat-insulating pipe. When the designated temperature reached, the
straight-opening steam pipe will be automatically closed and the disc-type steam
pipe will begin to work. With insulation board on both sides and in the lower
part and residual gas discharging chimney in the upper part, the sterilization
department is a closed structure. This can not only save the amount of steam
usage, but also ensure the quality of indoor environment. Sieve-material
synchronization and homogeneous sterilization put no damage to the product. To
prevent the material from drifting, it was designed with synchronous conveying
pressed material net (suitable for soft packing) to guarantee the immersion of
materials in the water and consistency of sterilization time of all materials.
The box is provided with a circulating water pump, which can keep the
temperature of the tank to be consistent and the sterilization to be even.

Around the welding department are using ball welding method with the joints
attached with soft guard board, easily preventing materials from being scratched
and nipped, effectively improving the rate of finished products.

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